Debt Settlement – How The Process Works


The entire debt settlement process for each account that we negotiate for you—from our introduction to the creditor to the receipt of the written settlement documents—can be accomplished in as little as a few days.

When you call us you will speak with an experienced  Debt Arbitration Professional. If we determines that your business needs assistance and can truly benefit from our debt settlement service, we will ask you for specific information about your business and your reasons for the dispute or cash-flow problems. This information will allow us to formulate a uniquely designed strategy which enables us to effectively negotiate with your creditors and maximize your savings.

Our goal is to get you satisfactory debt settlements and ones you know you can honor.

  • You are always in control of your money.
  • The decision is always yours to decide how much you can afford to pay and when to pay.
  • You tell us whether or not you need to preserve your relationship with your creditors.

Next, we introduce ourselves to each creditor and their representative, if any (e.g. collection agent or attorney), and inform them that we are now representing your company and all calls and correspondence are to be directed to us. The creditor and their representative if any are informed that a settlement proposal will be offered to them. Then within three to five business days they receive the settlement offer with tact and diplomacy, “tells your side story.” We do this in a way that will compel the creditor to engage in negotiations with us and, ultimately, to reduce the debt, usually between 40% to 80%.

We never consider any settlement valid until we receive the original, signed settlement documents from the creditor or their representative. All the specific terms of each settlement are included in this document. Included is the amount the account is settled for and when to pay the creditor. If the settlement is to be paid over time, the payment schedule is specified.

Once we receive the creditor’s written acceptance of the settlement we forward you a copy. Since you are always in control of your money, it is up to you to decide whether or not to accept the settlement. If you accept the settlement, you pay our fee, and you receive the original settlement documents signed by the creditor or their representative. You then pay according to the terms of the settlement. Case closed. You are always in control of your money and you always know all the terms of any settlement and receive the settlement in writing before you pay your creditor. If you reject the settlement, the settlement is canceled, and you pay us nothing.

  • We have years of training and experience to guide you through the entire process from start to finish.
  • We conduct all negotiations in a professional and diplomatic manner to ensure that you get the best possible settlement.
  • During the entire process you are kept informed of our progress.
  • You may contact us any time for an update.